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MuleSoft & NEWTOMS – Joining forces in to help companies succeed with Digital Transformation

Our origins serving the Telecom Industry has revolved around: Data, Devices and Applications, and we realize that It’s All about Integration.

Disruption is happening across industries as startups figure out how to connect audiences with the things they need and want in a faster, consumer centric way.

We have embraced APIs because they mean leverage. APIs actually unlocking the assets and exposing it to new audiences so they can build value on top of your value.

Application networks are the new paradigm to drive transformational change. Therefore we have partner with the best technology available in the market place. Technology used today by Digital champion companies to deliver industry solutions, seamless connectivity, and market leading functionality.

We have proudly Partner with MuleSoft in order to deliver both the technology and the professional services to stay agile, deliver faster and make the most of its IT Investment.

MuleSoft has been named a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrants across our core competencies. Leaders are chosen based on reputation, completeness of vision, and proven track record across a variety of use cases.

MuleSoft serves hundreds of companies, including some of the most recognized global brands: COCA COLA, UBER, NETFLIX, J.P Morgan, TESLA, AT&T, VERIZON, HERSHEYS, BANK OF AMERICA, BARCLAYS, AUDI, CISCO, SPOTIFY, MASTER CARD, SALESFORCE, UNILEVER, GAP, HERTZ, TARGET, SALESFORCE, up app launch and modification cycles, make it easier to secure and manage access, and ultimately enable companies to do more — and faster — with less.

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