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Artificial Intelligence &
Machine Learning

Computer Vision Elevate customer experience

click and now more about NEWTOMS' cXvision - Observe, learn & improve

Get to know, how many customers, dwelling time, service time.


NEWTOMS uses ML & A.I technology and enable users to find insights hidden in their company data in seconds.  Use search to analyze your data and get automated insights when you need them. 

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True self-service for everyone



AI-driven insights so you know sooner



Lightning fast answers to 10s of billions of rows

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Ask questions in natural language

Validate your APIs and speed up the implementation process by designing before coding.

  • Write API specs in OAS or RAML in a guided web interface

  • Generate documentation automatically from an API design spec  

  • Reuse data models and security schemas with API fragments 

  • Collect feedback before implementation with a mock service​

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Get answers to questions you didn’t think to ask

Connect your most commonly used apps together in a matter of minutes.

  • Create integrations with step by step guidance

  • Build from templates of common use cases such as data synchronization or triggering notifications

  • Map data automatically using ML-based recommendations

  • Promote secure reuse and collaboration across teams 

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Boost development productivity with API and integration development tools.

  • Jumpstart your integrations with prebuilt connectors for common integration requirements

  • Scaffold API designs from OAS and RAML specifications

  • Manipulate and transform data between any data format, such as XML and JSON

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The world's first relational search engine

Relational search underlies a new breed of search-driven analytics solutions. A relational search engine allows anyone in an organization to use search to build 100 percent accurate charts and dashboards from their relational data—on-the-fly, in a matter of seconds.

"Search based data discovery is the prime catalyst to increase adoption from 35% to 50% by 2023


Digital User Engagement

Churn prediction; hyper-personalized recommendations 


Real-time personalization and - recommendation, based on the same technology used at 



Highly accurate demand forecasts for better price optimization 

Inventory Optimization

Anticipate demand; target ideal price points for conversion 


Frictionless Shopping 

Allow customers to shop without the friction of a cashier using ML. 

Loss Prevention

Use existing camera to detect ML use cases like basket base loss, sweethearting, self-check out loss and more 

Forecasting powered by ML & A.I

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