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Value Provider, Results Enabler, Trusted Vendor, Expert Partner

We provide technology and proven methodology used by Worldwide digital champions such as Uber, Netflix, Coca Cola, Audi, J.P Morgan, Barclays, AT&T, Tesla, etc.

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Value Provider

Enable MEGACABLE Mexico operational efficiency and API-LED connectivity projects related to legacy modernization and digital modernization. 

Support BRENNTAG Latam with strategic MuleSoft integrations.

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Results Enabler

IZZI Telecom: Audit/EDR Volumetric Solution & + 10 Projects resulting in Service enabling with positive results.

CWC Group in the Caribbean: Interconnect IT Operational Support resulting in high availability and operational efficiency and API-LED connectivity project to integrate key OSS/BSS applications.

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Trusted Vendor

Telefonica Peru: Preferred vendor/ Master Agreement + 100 Projects including all data collection & mediation projects sourcing Call Detail Records flowing to Major OSS/BSS transformation from 2012-2021 and counting…

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Expert Partner

With world class integration technology, we help INTCOMEX Group to succeed Legacy modernization, Digital transformation challenges and achieve optimal operational and commercial outcomes by enabling of a new IT operating model based on fast and reliable integration of data, devices and applications.

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Case Study

Challenge: The overall challenge was to replace ALL major Operation support systems and Business Support systems for a leading telephone service provider in Peru without disrupting ongoing operations while using lean, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

NEWTOMS was called to be part of the execution of a major scale legacy modernization project. Our mission was to consider and improve each critical aspect of the project’s main objectives: Manage systems of Data Collection and Mediation that gather source of income data (Event Detail Records), apply sophisticated business rules to the data, and cascade all valuable records into downstream systems. 

The overhaul required NEWTOMS to:

  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the legacy systems and the processes that drive revenue for the company.

  • Collecting data from the client’s new network elements such as new switches and a new prepaid platform upgrade

  • Integrate those new network elements, transform the data, and apply business rules required for new downstream systems which included: ​

    • New CRM

    • New roaming

    • New BI

    • New Interconnect billing

    • New billing

  • Enable new technology to facilitate new products and services such as LTE, new prepaid plans, new postpaid plans and roaming & service combos

Business Plan


NEWTOMS’ contribution in Peru saw more than 24 projects successfully completed on time and budget with zero incidents reported.


Our efforts improved operational excellence, decreased time to market, LTE and allowed new products and services to launch on time leading to customer satisfaction.


As a result, NEWTOMS was awarded master agreement as a preferred vendor.


  • Facilitated the launch of new products and services.

  • Decreased time to market of these products and services.

  • Improved our client’s process to achieve operational excellence.

  • Delivered solutions in record time.

  • Reduced overall costs in client’s operations.


New LTE network elements were implemented into the business flows on time and within budget for the operator’s Christmas campaign. Automated CDR feed into downstream systems to increase visibility and trigger appropriate actions to improve operational excellence.


New prepaid, postpaid and roaming combo services were launched to market before competitors. The legacy modernization overhaul allowed the operator to turn off redundant and out of date OSS/BSS solutions which reduced operational cost which increased their bottom line

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Challenges we faced was determining if every Call Detail Record generated was monetized. In order to do this, we had to accurately measure revenue leakage and monitor the impact of CDRs due to systematic & technological errors. Our approach to the challenge can be described with three simple words: Data, Insight, and Action:

DATA: Our application of revenue assurance control was placed on every call detail record produced by the business, the CDR was then tracked down until it was monetized for maximum revenue & profitability.

INSIGHT: We provided visibility on daily traffic volumes, patterns, errors and suspended traffic, completed with a diagnostic of root cause.

ACTION: Error correction that enabled the operator to monetize interconnect billing traffic before the 90 days expiration.

NEWTOMS was asked to diagnose the situation and provide a solution in 30 days.

NEWTOMS’ contribution: After carefully evaluating every single data source coming into data collection & mediation and every business logic involved, we had to implement audit controls in every business logic flow in order to identify potential leak points in the process without impacting performance in everyday business logics. We captured audit counters aiming to conciliate incoming and outgoing records to pin point whereabouts and root cause for every rejected CDR. We then crafted financial dashboards based on the CFO’s priorities that highlighted areas of improvement.



  • Increased revenue by preventing revenue leakage.

  • Increased savings which led to ROI in less than 1 month.

  • Financial visibility into the technical world of CDRs.

  • Insight displayed in an intuitive way based on our client’s criteria.

After carefully analyzing all the relevant data, we used data visualization techniques to craft financial dashboards based on the CFO’s criteria.

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The information was distilled and translated into business insight. As a result, thousands of dollars in revenue were recognized, rescued, and re-inserted into the revenue stream increasing our client’s bottom line in the short-term. The insight that NEWTOMS offered also contributed to greater operational visibility and also facilitated the creation of new revenue streams that could increase our client’s bottom line in the long-term.

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DIGITAL Transformation Case Studies

Challenges: Our client’s strategy was to digitize nearly every aspect of their operations. Their main goal was to become a composable enterprise to keep up in this highly-digitized world. They understand that companies that fall in this category—powered by cloud, open APIs, data analytics, mobile, and social media—are redefining markets and raising consumer expectations.

Our task was to make disparate systems talk to each other in record time, shorten the IT Delivery GAP, and ultimately help our client adopt API-LED Connectivity. The main challenge was to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the client’s systems and processes that drive their business.

Business Colleagues

Our clients interested in achieving digital transformation represent different industries with very different business objectives but their underlying goal is essentially the same, which is to integrate their systems seamlessly to improve their processes and achieve API-LED Connectivity.

We used this approach to meet the following objectives for them:

  • Near-real time automation of landing flights on major Central American airport hub with automated Gate Management assignment.

  • Integration optimization from SOAP web-services to RESTful services for a quad play operator and its 13 business units in the Caribbean.

  • Proof of Concept to integrate automated sales from major Beer company in south America with their whole sale industry clients

  • Proof of concept for online baking integration enablement.

  • Proof of concept for a major airline loyalty program in South America.

NEWTOMS’ contribution: Best in class integration technology (MuleSoft) + Expert professional service for Software Development Life Cycles, Testing, Go live, and ongoing training and support to our clients.


  • Shorter IT Delivery GAP for our clients.

  • Shorter time to market for our client’s products and services.

  • Exposed our client’s core competencies.

  • Access to data using API-LED Connectivity.

We were able to shorten IT Delivery GAP for our clients. We broke down information silos to unlock data and expose their core competencies as digital assets that can be leveraged by others in the organization. NEWTOMS’ contributions empowered line of businesses to self-service by allowing access to data using API-LED Connectivity. This approach improved processes and helped our clients define innovative customer experiences.

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Every customer is a reference

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