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NEWTOMS Professional Services is inspired on the principles of a new IT Operation model where IT become steward of the data and empowers Line of Business to self-serve in order to shorten the IT delivery GAP promote visibility and reusability of IT assets. We adopt API-LED Connectivity toward Application Network a proven method used by major Digital champions in the industry: Coca Cola, Cisco, Uber, Netflix, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Tesla, NASA, etc.

Our Professional Services Include:



Our Evaluation Assessment is designed to help you get started on the right foot with Enterprise Service Bus Architecture, leveraging specialized tools and methodologies that encapsulate experience and knowledge derived from hundreds of hands-on customer implementations.


We show you how you can leverage the capabilities of our Enterprise Service Bus to deliver additional value to the business though enhanced functionality, and additional tooling and capabilities.



Throughout the process, a senior-level, experienced MuleSoft Solution Architect will work closely with your team of architects and developers, as an integral part of your team, driving the key workshops and activities needed to gather the requirements and provide our expertise and Best Practice on how to ensure your design leverages the key capabilities of MuleSoft.

Business Meeting

Starting with understanding the business and technical requirements, the MuleSoft architect will review your MuleSoft installation to determine if it satisfies requirements, meets business objectives, and apply the industries best design patterns to you solution:

  • Reviewing and documenting functional and non-functional requirements

  • Developing architecture and design to meet requirements Participating in the development of the implementation plan

  • Understanding and reviewing the business and technical use cases.

Business Meeting

Results will significantly reduce the risks, and provide lower costs by ensuring the solution is designed right the first time and minimize the need for additional rework later in the development phases, and reducing the delivery time through quicker solution delivery leveraging the already defined Best Practices helping to:

  • Ensure alignment between objectives and actual design.

  • Anticipate and avoid potential problems and surprises.

  • Ensure most effective use of MuleSoft.

  • Avoid performance and operational issues after deployment through solid architecture design.

Business Team

As output of the Solution Architecture Blueprint we will provide:

  • Initial architecture document and presentation.

  • Design documents, if needed.

  • Documented initial use cases, and NFR’s.

  • Recommended plan for ongoing interaction and knowledge transfer Relevant Best Practices.


Our approach to Software Development is based on API-LED connectivity toward the Application Network, a proven method to shorten the IT delivery GAP and promote visibility and reusability of IT assets; a new IT operating model.

The diagram below shows our Agile approach to:

  • Design using web-based API Designer using RAML to document and design requirements, then mocking services to simulate the API functionality, request feedback from user and then and only then go into Construction mode.

  • Construction: We use pre-built connectors, transformers, components to create integration flows with minimum code.

  • Testing: We use the integrated platform to conduct extensive test and document the process.

  • We expose the new development as API on the API Portal to be consistent with our goal to promote visibility and reusability.

  • We monitor API Performance with API Analytics.



Whatever your role in a MuleSoft project — as a manager, developer, architect, administrator, or IT professional — we have a learning path to teach you what you need to know to be successful.

Our training include:

Learn the key concepts of MuleSoft ESB technology.

  • MuleSoft ESB Training with the following content: 

    • Key Concepts

    • Mule Message Structure

    • Message State

    • Building a Mule Application with Maven in Studio

    • Structuring Mule Applications

    • Consuming Web Services

    • Handling Errors

    • Controlling Message Flow

    • Dataweave Transformations

Our training can be conducted On site or Online using GotoTraining technology.

Learn Anypoint-Platform suite with this practical workshop.

  • API-LED connectivity workshop including the following content: 

    1. Installation, configuration and pre-requisites

    2. Proxy an existing API 

      • Define an API.

      • Configure and Test an API proxy.

    3. Manage and consume an API 

      • Apply Policies (Rate Limiting, OAuth2.0).

      • Create SLA Tiers.

      • Create an API Portal.

      • Request access for the API.

      • Test API with and without credentials.

    4. Monitor an API 

      • Viewing API analytics.

      • Creating charts and custom dashboards.

    5. Design an API 

      • Learn how to use API Designer.

      • RAML introduction and explanation.

      • Test your design with mocking services.

    6. Implement the Systems API layer 

      • Create New Mule Project from the RAML.

      • Implement the API.

      • Run API from Anypoint Studio.

      • MUnit.

      • Deploying to Cloudhub.

    7. Complete the Process API layer

    8. Implement the user experience API 

      • Deploy a Mobile API to Cloudhub

      • Test your API from a Mobile Application

    9. Managing your Application network 

      • Configuring your deployments in Cloudhub

      • View Insight

      • Using the Visualizer

  • Customized training 

    • Our training can be customized and tailored to your needs.



We provide Professional service support 24×7 in your local language for every integration project delivered according with SLAs agreed with customers.