Welcome to NEWTOMS:

We help companies to face Digital transformation challenges and achieve optimal operational and commercial outcomes by enabling of a new IT operating model based on fast and reliable integration of data, devices and applications.

We enable customers from every industry to do their own data analysis by using Search & A.I driven analytics. Every employee is able to ask questions and get answers from their company data, with zero training.

Success stories available from the following Industries:

  • Telecom
  • Airlines
  • Retail
  • Chemical Distribution
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Our Services

Data Collection & Mediation

Traffic Monetization

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Search & A.I. driven analytics platform

NEWTOMS join forces with ThougthSpot and enable users to find insights hidden in their company data in seconds.

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API-LED Connectivity

We make disparate systems talk to each other with Mulesoft API-Led Connectivity, Anypoint, Anywhere

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After flawless delivery of all Mediation projects from 2012 to 2018; NEWTOMS’s ability to deliver on time and within Budget lead us to award them with a Master Agreement to cover all data collection and mediation projects for our Full Stack projects 2015-2018."

IT Manager,
Largest Telecom Operator in Peru

NEWTOMS’s top level of expertise allowed us to successfully automate our VAS offering, from data collection and mediation, Events correlation, interconnect billing configuration and business intelligence data visualization."

System Vice-President,
Leading Telecom Operator in Panama

NEWTOMS has been a major contributor for the successful monetization of all our services and technology by implementing every data collection and mediation project with top quality from 2012 to 2016."

IT Manager,
Leading Telecom Operator in Mexico


Telefonica Group

Cable & Wireless Group

Izzi Telecom / Televisa Group

COPA Airlines

Perú, México, Venezuela, Jamaica, Barbados, Panamá, USA...