Our Story

Our Story

For many Telcos keeping the competitive edge has been at stake. Major network expansion and modernization investment has been taking place. Modern and Innovative OSS/BSS solutions has been implemented as the foundation to launch new products and services: Customer Acquisition, Customer retention and Revenue growth has been the mission.

In 2011 several Telecom Operators from Latin America faced the same major challenge: Urgent need for assertive, fast and high quality implementation of Data Collection & Mediation projects.

Subject Matter experts were not available in sufficient supply in the territory in order to collect every EDR from network elements to monetization platforms on time, with quality and with optimum performance.

The market demanded alternatives above and beyond the software manufacturers that concentrated the know-how and then NEWTOMS LLC was born to serve such market

During the first 19 months of operations NEWTOMS was able to successfully complete 12 mission critical projects, since then NEWTOMS have evolved with its customer base substantiated on excellence in every delivery.

Today, NEWTOMS lives to its credo: Its All about Integration. Data, Devices and Applications need to be smoothly integrated in order to bring the best business outcome out of technology. Synergy of technology is the name of the game and it is only achieved by smart, efficient and timely integration.

In 2016 NEWTOMS, in addition to its natural domain: Telecom, we have successfully expanded into other verticals: Airlines and Banking, bringing a new IT operation model in every integration project via API-LED Connectivity.


Winston Rivero
Winston Rivero

Co-founder & Chairman

Our Senior co-founder and chairman of the company has spent the last 19 years of his career solving Integration problems in Latin America where network elements needed to be integrated and monetized efficiently with Operation support and business systems. He has directed the acquisition and implementation of a record number of data collection & mediation and interconnect billing solutions in Latin America, including all major groups: America Movil, Telefonica, Cable & Wireless, Digicel Group, Nextel International and many other independent operators. He has partnered with the integration technology leaders and has also conducted NEWTOMS into new verticals such as Airline and Banking industries.

Belitza Briceño
Belitza Briceño

Head of USA Project-Coordination Team. Based in Georgia, USA.

Our Head of USA Project-Coordination Team is in charge of fluent communications among team members based in North America and she is responsible for Quality Assurance for all projects worldwide. Her main contribution is to facilitate the 7×24 worldwide resources coordination in order to provide results, and secure a smooth project completion and customer communications in customer’s language.

Franky Rivero
Franky Rivero

Head of Project-Coordination Latin America. Based in Caracas.

Our Head of Project-Coordination Latin America Team has directed the completion of more than 40 mission critical projects on time and budget. He is in charge Program Management Office related to all customers in the region. He specialized in the translation of business objectives into technical development and vice versa.

Vince Soliza
Vince Soliza

Head of Integration Architecture APAC. Based in Philippines.

Our APAC Senior Integration Architect has successfully completed major integration projects in the domain of Telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and energy. He is a certified Integration developer and architect with mastery of Software development, integration, security, DevOps.

He leads NEWTOMS APAC office in Philippines and in coordination with the Americas based team, he secures the around the clock, sharp and timely service level agreements in every project worldwide.


Head of Data Collection & Mediation Telecom LATAM. Based in Lima, Peru.

Our Head of Telecom Data Collection & Mediation project has spent more than 18 years playing a major role in Analysis, Design, Implementation, testing and delivery of major Data collection & mediation projects for fixed and mobile operators.

He liaise with the North American Data collection & mediation experts in charge of technical delivery.

Subject Matter Expert Team

The stars of our team are our Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the complex areas of Integration; from Data collection to Mediation, Integration and also Interconnect billing. They are an elite group of technical specialists that work from strategic locations around the world: North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific; their main roles are:

Listener & Solution Architect.

SOA Integration Specialists.

Data Collection & Mediation Experts.

Data Scientists.

Agile Program Management Leader.

Company Timeline:


Our strategic consultants are call to action depending upon the nature of the project: Data collection & Mediation; Interconnect Billing and Roaming, Data visualization. They are selected based upon deep expertise required for the project; language required: English, Spanish, Portuguese; and
previous knowledge of the market, operator or issue being solved.

The Technology and specifically

The Technology and specifically the mediation and interconnect solutions sold and implemented by our co-founder happen to be implemented in hundreds operators around the globe; the dynamic of the Telco market, its evolving technology demanded an alternative for specialized professional services on mediation and interconnect and NEWTOMS was born to serve it.

Our company grew in this particular order: from business need, project approach and solution to one affiliate of the fifth largest Telco in the world back in early 2012, the challenge was to be an enabler of strategic business expansion by incorporating modern new Network Elements for voice and data services.

We were called to action primarily as trusted advisors as individuals and only then our company was created to formally serve as a vendor.

We went from a problem solving situation for one project to a corporate entity creation which has not cease to serve many other projects for our customer base.


Our most precious achievement has been the Trust Award we have received from customers:

Preferred vendor status in 4 countries in 2 years.

2 affiliates of the 5th largest Telco in the world trust their Data Collection & Mediation projects to us since 2012 to present.

A major affiliate of the 1st mass media company in Spanish speaking world has awarded ALL Data collection and mediation projects to us since 2012 to present.

12 mission critical projects completed during first 19 months of operation and in our way to set a new record this year!