As recently as seven or eight years ago, each integration was essentially a custom project. A programmer would have to write custom software to enable two simple systems with two different protocol languages to talk to each other.

Today, APIs can support massive integration projects a lot better than previous methods because they offer a more standardized approach that makes integration more flexible than component-based, service-oriented architectures.

The Critical Impact on Internal Consumers

APIs can make a developer’s life a heck of a lot easier. One of the biggest benefits for internal customers is the common data access APIs for developers to use when creating new applications. This can’t be stressed enough since it can reduce development time significantly. After being created once, such API can be reused thousands of times by different teams, as opposed to starting from scratch with every new project.

How API-ready are you?

For APIs to work their best and make internal and external consumers’ lives easier, they need to be well-implemented. This means two things: First, they need to be well designed and crafted. The second is they need to be created on a reliable, scalable, and highly available platform or foundation. That is where NEWTOMS and MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform come in.

NEWTOMS can provide the specialized expertise to help you create highly reusable APIs to satisfy your organization’s needs. The APIs can be integrated with your existing back-end legacy systems that you already have by using MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform. The goal is to create a network powered by API-led connectivity.

What does the ideal API look like?

The ideal API is reusable, reliable, accessible, and easily discoverable. These characteristics should always be the focus when designing and building an API. The problem, often faced by companies of a certain size, is that they have countless APIs and a growing number of API connections. To the point that the API landscape starts to look more like a maze than a straightforward, flexible network. That is when IT should step in to clear up the mess. To clear up the mess or to avoid it all together, IT needs to operate under a different model.

The role of IT in organizations thriving today is the role of a technology enabler. And one of its new responsibilities is to improve and promote existing but neglected APIs into the ideals of reusability, reliability, availability, and discoverability. Not only that, leading organizations are following this philosophy in the creation process of new APIs. In doing so they are building and most importantly promoting well-crafted APIs intended for reuse instead of reinventing them every time. The outcome is quality over quantity which leads to a less cluttered API landscape.

So, What’s the bottom Line?

APIs are here to stay. It’s become evident that implementing them well is key to survive in today’s digital environment.

They are a powerful tool that provide a wide variety of business benefits. They can enable a company to become more efficient and flexible in delivering new products and services. They provide a simpler way to integrate compared to the complicated custom integrations of the past.

Just like any other powerful tool, you must learn how it use it properly to maximize its results. NEWTOMS can help you harness the power of this tool by designing and implementing an API-strategy carefully tailored to set you up for success!

Uncover the possibilities and create opportunities for your business by having these solutions powered by MuleSoft and implemented by NEWTOMS.

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Winston J. Rivero Jr.

Winston J. Rivero Jr.

Winston J Rivero Jr. graduated in two careers: Finance & Marketing from Georgia State University in 2012 – He's currently the Director of Business Development in North America and leads the Content Marketing Strategy for NEWTOMS