They can help an organization be more agile and flexible to respond to changes in the market. Businesses that deploy technology in the traditional ways cannot respond to change quickly.


APIs can unlock and expose hidden assets and capabilities that promote innovation. They can make it easy for companies to launch new products, services, and experiences.


APIs can be structured in layers and seamlessly connected into an application network. It provides an infrastructure where applications can be plugged into the network.


APIs can unlock valuable business data to make it available for consumption. People inside and outside the enterprise can have controlled access to business data. It makes it easier for somebody to develop an application, use of data or a particular experience.


An API needs to be created with reusability in mind. A well thought out API can be used in many projects and accomplish many goals. They can be valuable tools you can implement depending on the solution to the task

Winston J. Rivero Jr.

Winston J. Rivero Jr.

Winston J Rivero Jr. graduated in two careers: Finance & Marketing from Georgia State University in 2012 – He's currently the Director of Business Development in North America and leads the Content Marketing Strategy for NEWTOMS